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Litigation support: an eDiscovery partner you can trust

We know all about fast turnarounds and complex requirements. We understand the need to remain meticulous and defensible in your approach to data investigation and litigation, whilst remaining price competitive.

With intense competition amongst law firms, faster decision-making could be a significant differentiator. The key to exceptional eDiscovery is knowing how and when to deploy AI techniques throughout the eDiscovery process to ensure the net is cast wide enough, the data is culled intelligently and the results are delivered for review as fast as possible.

Making good decisions, fast

Time is of the essence. Competition has never been fiercer. You need reliable access to the best tools, technology and expertise to maximise your competitive edge at every stage of eDiscovery.

Securing client loyalty

Client loyalty is hard-won, but worth the battle. You need a way to extend the use of AI throughout the EDRM to unlock faster decision-making, more precise data collection and more effective eDiscovery that exceeds expectations, not budgets.

Trusted process and output

Court submissions are subject to stringent format and timeline requirements. You need an eDiscovery provider that can customise and/or enrich the standard information output to deliver on those requirements, regardless of jurisdiction.

Law Firms

How can we help?

Whether you’re looking for direct access to a cutting-edge, AI-powered eDiscovery platform, fully-managed end-to-end litigation support, or anything in between; we have what it takes to transform your eDiscovery into a fast, effective – and highly competitive – value driver.

As eDiscovery service providers, we offer a lot more than just powerful advanced technology-driven review. Our experts have the skills and experience to utilise AI, machine learning and natural language processing techniques throughout the eDiscovery process to deliver faster, more accurate results you can rely on.

Why choose Salient?

We are trusted to deliver high quality eDiscovery services to many of South Africa’s leading law firms. We have advanced skills, cutting-edge tools and, more importantly, the experience to handle large and complex matters with speed and accuracy.

Our services don’t stop once the data has been processed. We proactively share our knowledge with our clients to help them get the most out of the AI-powered technology, and we offer actionable insights about how the process could be improved in future.

Fast, agile and responsive service

We have an uncompromising approach to quality and a longstanding commitment to cost-effective service delivery. Our goal is to build connections that last, working in partnership with our clients to deliver sharp insights, an agile response to every challenge, and a proactive approach that sustainably drives down the cost of eDiscovery.

Simple and inclusive pricing model

Our innovative, all-inclusive subscription model enables eDiscovery costs to be amortised over a contracted term, significantly simplifying budget planning and the creation of client-facing pricing models. Purchasing central, reusable eDiscovery capacity to be utilised across the entire organisation also makes it possible to leverage economies of scale to turn eDiscovery into a profit centre.

Compliant and cutting edge

Our services are fully GDPR and PoPIA compliant, backed by decades of hands-on experience and up-to-the-minute familiarity with the latest eDiscovery and cognitive analytics developments. At Salient, we don’t just use the latest technology, we push it to its limits. We’re not afraid to think outside the box to deliver results that are as effective as they are cost-efficient.

React. Prepare. Prevent

Case Studies

eDiscovery internal investigations

Case data migrated from legacy product to cutting-edge eDiscovery platform

12.5TB of data processed and reviewed within 7 days for regulatory collusion case

Salient and Baker Tilly collaborate to deliver cutting-edge eDiscovery

Strategic use of AI and device imaging yields results within 30-day fraud investigation deadline

Cost-effective legacy mailbox archiving for Microsoft 365

Proof of concept: OCR & analysis of scanned/handwritten documents

Analytics and custom scoring matrix used to focus large review for fast, defensible results