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At Salient, we never stand still. Whether it’s learning new skills, looking for better ways of working, or exploring the latest technology – you’ll benefit from our curiosity and creativity.

Our world-class experts are friendly and passionate, and our experience shines through in every engagement. An uncompromising approach to quality comes hand-in-hand with cost-effective delivery from our team in South Africa – a right-shored model that offers our clients the best of both worlds.

Our goal is to build connections that last, working in partnership with our clients to deliver sharp insights, an agile response to every challenge, and a proactive approach that sustainably drives down.

Our expertise

We like to think of ourselves as datasmiths, using today’s leading eDiscovery tools and technology with precision, creativity and finesse to transform and combine structured and unstructured data in a forensically sound manner.

Our team boasts a diverse skill set that enables us to confidently tackle even the largest eDiscovery projects. No matter what data cleansing and/or transformation requirements may arise, we have what it takes to get to the heart of every matter.

Our team includes:

Our leadership team

Meet the leadership team behind Salient’s reputation for excellence.

Our successes

We’re not usually ones to blow our own trumpets. We go the extra mile for our clients and we know they appreciate our efforts and our expertise because when the next matter arrives, we’re first on their supplier list for eDiscovery.

If we were to celebrate a few of our most notable successes, here are a few that we’re particularly proud of.

Rapid processing of >25 million documents

We processed and hosted >25 million documents (6TB) in our eDiscovery platform in support of an ongoing State Capture investigation.

Search enrichment with custom metadata

We overlayed custom metadata from financial and document management systems on documents in our eDiscovery platform to enrich the searching and batching of documents in review.

Innovative use of cognitive analytics

We used Cognitive Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in early case assessment to identify other persons of interest and hidden relationships in semi-structured and unstructured data.

Deployed AI technologies on photos

We implemented visual AI technologies to OCR handwritten documents and label objects (e.g. people, places, things) in photographs and images.

Handled mobile device data for Cellebrite

We pre-processed mobile device data for Cellebrite for ingestion into multiple eDiscovery review platforms.

Forensic email extraction

We completed the forensic extraction of email from multiple email archive sources using native processes or third-party tools.

Extracted 4TB of MS Exchange journal data

We completed forensic extraction of 4TB of MS Exchange journal data for processing into our hosted eDiscovery platform.

Enhanced visual reporting

We extended visual reporting using Power BI models to give case managers greater insight into reviewer activity and document review rates across multiple review pools.

Our technology

Technology, including AI and machine learning, has revolutionised eDiscovery by efficiently managing vast amounts of electronically stored information. We’ve done our homework to find the tools that are industry-leading and constantly innovating so we can deliver faster, more accurate results for our clients.

Our cutting-edge technology combined with our expert team makes an unbeatable combination. All tools have strengths and weaknesses in specific contexts and our team can maximise their potential by using their knowledge of industries, regulations, investigation processes and litigation to select and implement the most suitable tool and analytical technique at the right point in the eDiscovery process.

Reveal allows us to provide:

All of Salient’s eDiscovery services are currently powered by the industry-leading Reveal-Brainspace eDiscovery Platform, including cognitive analytics using Reveal AI.

This platform supports the full life cycle of a case, from processing through to analysis, review, production, and presentation in court. Hosted in Amazon data centres, it enables us to offer a truly secure, end-to-end, managed eDiscovery service.

We leverage the integration of their industry-leading Brainspace AI engine into our eDiscovery workflow to dramatically reduce the overall effort, time and cost in performing effective investigations and reviews. In addition to providing access to this capability, our service can also include the expertise in how best to leverage these technologies, a technique we call cognitive analytics.

MOBILedit Forensic

The MOBILedit suite of tools allows the full examination of mobile devices, to detect and extract content, such as the call history, contacts, text messages, chats, multimedia messages, photos, videos, audio recordings, calendar items, reminders, notes and data files. Additionally it detects deleted data, passwords, and data from apps including Skype, Dropbox, Facebook, WhatsApp and many others. This extends also to the phone’s native cloud-based storage facilities (for example, Apple iCloud).

In addition to the focus on the phone itself, MOBILedit also provides tools to examine the peripheral sources of data, such as other cloud-based repositories to which the user may subscribe, smartwatches (wearable devices) and digital cameras.

Passware Kit Forensic

Passware Kit Forensic is the all-in-one encrypted electronic evidence discovery solution that is able to decrypt all password-encrypted data. The software recognizes more than 300 file types and extensions and can be configured to queue multiple documents or data to decrypt.

Passware is the quickest decryption software available, because it applies all possible computational resources for optimum efficiency.

Passware Kit is able to use multiple CPUs, NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, in addition to linking multiple systems. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) cards accelerate password recovery up to 400x vs CPU-only systems.

Security and compliance

With extensive experience in highly regulated industries, our team is more than just well-versed the latest security and compliance best practices. Every process and piece of technology we use is held to the same uncompromising standards.

To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our clients’ information, the Reveal Platform has also been architected and configured with security at its core.

These are just a few of the ways it actively protects your data.