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Microsoft 365 is packed with useful functionality in support of eDiscovery. Used wisely, this can drive significant business benefits, including a sizeable reduction in the eDiscovery burden and associated costs, faster and more effective in-house early data assessment and a greater visibility into corporate unstructured data for improved risk and compliance posture.

We can help you identify how to utilise Microsoft eDiscovery tools for maximum impact, train business users to be able to perform investigations confidently and defensibly or we can provide you with on-demand access to our eDiscovery specialists to provide an outsourced service working within your Microsoft environment.

eDiscovery Standard provides the necessary tools for efficient and defensible identification, preservation and collection. eDiscovery Premium extends this capability with tools to enable processing, analysis and the initial review stages, in particular the ability to cull and reduce your data intelligently.

For legal teams, this is the point where content will be exported to a 3rd party tool, with the benefit that there will be less data (size-wise), but it will be more relevant due to the in-place processing that has already been completed. Less data to ingest and review means less overhead for legal teams and less cost for any 3rd party tools or vendors you may need.


How can we help?

Like many specialist tools, Microsoft Purview eDiscovery works best with an experienced hand at the tiller. Our team can help set your Purview ship on course and train your team to sail it confidently, or we can crew it with our own specialists to harness its full potential on demand.

Why choose Salient?

Our goal is to help you achieve the best and most cost-effective eDiscovery possible. We offer flexibility to meet your needs, whether you’re looking to empower your legal team and other business users to perform their own investigations/eDiscovery or you’re looking for an outsourced service provider with the necessary technical skills and expertise.

We’re only too happy to use our specialist skills to steer your ship, giving you on demand access to our multi-disciplinary team and enabling you to maximise the ROI from your existing technology without compromising on speed, accuracy or results.

Extensive Microsoft knowledge

We work closely with our sister company, Cloud Essentials, to unlock the full spectrum of benefits available within Microsoft 365. Cloud Essentials is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work and Security. The team have extensive knowledge of security and compliance, including deployment and adoption of Microsoft Purview.

Focus on driving down the cost of eDiscovery and investigations

We can help you harness the proactive potential of Microsoft’s eDiscovery tools to prepare your environment for future investigations, nip risky behaviour in the bud, and reduce future eDiscovery costs.

Trusted partner with a common goal

Everything we do is focused around building long-term relationships with our clients – from our innovative pricing model to our commitment to actionable insights that help drive operational improvements.

React. Prepare. Prevent

Beyond eDiscovery

We go the extra mile for our clients, using our analytical skills to solve problems that exist beyond the eDiscovery space.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve operational efficiency or maximise the benefit our clients can get from our advanced eDiscovery platform and service or our skills through knowledge-transfer.

Improve corporate investigations

Your key to unlocking the potential within Microsoft 365 to deliver faster and more accurate corporate investigations, with the right stakeholders involved in the investigation. Salient can help train business users to harness the potential of Microsoft 365 eDiscovery Standard and Premium.

Maximise your Microsoft ROI

Leverage your existing Microsoft 365 investment to drive down your reactive eDiscovery costs, and proactively prepare for – or even prevent – future litigation.

Expand your in-house capabilities

Unlock your ability to perform effective EDA and ECA in-house, minimising time wasted on unfeasible matters, and dramatically reducing data volumes for faster, more cost-effective review of viable cases.

Stay within your security perimeter

Identify persons of interest, their data sources, apply legal holds, and conduct preliminary deduplication, filtering and threading, all within your existing security perimeter and its data protections.