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Forensic investigation support: eDiscovery services for business

Who owns eDiscovery in a corporate? In our experience eDiscovery activities span many teams, from data identification and collection that are completed by IT, to internal investigations undertaken by HR, to litigation matters which are managed by the Legal team.

With so many stakeholders and use cases, it can be challenging to identify the right tools for the job (Microsoft out-of-the-box or specialist eDiscovery platform) and the right combination of in-house skills vs outsourced service provider for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Soaring data volumes

Corporate data volumes are skyrocketing, making it harder to maintain a lean and clean data estate. As a result, your eDiscovery data collection timelines, accuracy, risk profile and expenses may be spiralling out of control.

Unlocking Microsoft 365

You may already have powerful eDiscovery and risk mitigation tools at your fingertips, just waiting for you to unleash their potential to streamline your investigations and eDiscovery activity.

Proactive risk reduction

A low-risk appetite or strict regulatory environment may demand a more proactive approach to risk mitigation. eDiscovery tools and techniques that are typically used reactively can also be deployed proactively to mitigate fraud risks effectively.

Corporate Legal teams

How can we help?

At Salient, we don’t just use the latest technology. We use decades of insight and experience to push that technology to its limits. We’re not afraid to think outside the box to deliver results that are as effective as they are cost-efficient.

We’ve also come up with an innovative pricing model that makes it easier to predict long-term costs, and more affordable to take full advantage of eDiscovery tools and skills. Paired with our right-shored model (leveraging cost-effective South African experts), you’d be hard-pressed to find a more compelling or competitive offer.

Why choose Salient?

Making the most cost-effective use of eDiscovery in the corporate environment requires the ability to adapt as needs and capacity ebb and flow. Salient empowers corporates to maximise use of their own in-house capabilities, with the option to supplement or extend these using our own experts and technology when required.

“The quality, depth of experience and responsiveness we receive from Salient, coupled with their harnessing of the AI powered Reveal-Brainspace technology, makes them our default service provider for eDiscovery across a broad spectrum of Baker Tilly’s global requirements.”

Bernard Regan

Principal - Head of Forensic Technology

Knowledge and experience you can rely on

Our team has extensive experience in corporate eDiscovery use cases, which are often vastly different to traditional law firm applications. We leverage this experience, in combination with knowledge gained from every engagement, to provide actionable insights about how to improve processes and drive eDiscovery costs down.

Exceptional value for money

Our cost-conscious approach also applies to our own services. Our innovative pricing model , paired with our right-shored team of highly-skilled and cost-effective South African experts, enables us to deliver exceptional, time-zone and language-appropriate services at extraordinary value for money to European-based corporates.

Microsoft expertise to maximise your existing technology

Working alongside our sister company, Cloud Essentials, a Microsoft Solutions partner for Modern Work and Security, we can ensure that Microsoft eDiscovery functionality is fully deployed and utilised to its maximum potential. We offer training for in-house teams or we can provide our eDiscovery service within your Microsoft environment.

React. Prepare. Prevent

Case Studies

Cost-effective legacy mailbox archiving for Microsoft 365

Cost-effective legacy mailbox archiving for Microsoft 365

Data Processed

12.5TB of data processed and reviewed within 7 days for regulatory collusion case

Strategic use of AI and device imaging yields results within 30-day fraud investigation deadline

Strategic use of AI and device imaging yields results within 30-day fraud investigation deadline

Benefits Of Using eDiscovery Tools

Case data migrated from legacy product to cutting-edge eDiscovery platform

Democratising ediscovery

Analytics and custom scoring matrix used to focus large review for fast, defensible results

OCR & Analysis Of Scanned or Handwritten Documents

Proof of concept: OCR & analysis of scanned/handwritten documents