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Bespoke eDiscovery on demand for digital forensic investigations

With the wide variety of structured and unstructured data that may be part of an investigation, a breadth of forensic data skills and a depth of experience are required to quickly identify irregular or fraudulent activity.

On-site collections and remote forensic acquisitions require skill, integrity and attention-to-detail. You need a team you can trust with cutting-edge tools that will collect and preserve electronic evidence in a forensically sound manner.

Staying one step ahead

Increasingly sophisticated threat operators, more complex regulatory frameworks, and overwhelming volumes of electronic evidence all make for a challenging – and often slow – investigatory landscape. You need an eDiscovery service provider that keeps you one step ahead.

Clear chain of custody

You need a rock solid forensic collection methodology that complies with all applicable law enforcement and privacy legislation. That includes preserving metadata and chain of custody for data across all evidentiary sources, including things like wearable technology.

Early insights

Early insights can make, break and certainly inform and guide an investigation. You need innovative ways to leverage AI/FDA to reveal data patterns and identify suspicious activity quickly, enabling you to focus your investigation for maximum impact, as early as possible.

React. Prepare. Prevent.

How can we help?

Leave the heavy lifting to us and we’ll surface even the most obscure patterns, channels of communication, persons of interest, topics, sentiments and behavioural anomalies.
We combine precision, creativity and finesse to transform and combine structured and unstructured data in a forensically sound manner. You can be confident that all critical elements have been successfully identified and you can focus on following the leads to establish true fact patterns.

Why choose Salient?

Salient offers a full spectrum of expert-led services designed to navigate the ever-increasing complexity of the investigatory landscape. From collections, forensic and cognitive analytics, and early data assessment (EDA), all the way through to full review and production – we’ve got your investigatory and eDiscovery needs covered.

Creative and cutting edge techniques

We never stand still in our quest to innovate, leveraging today’s leading technology with skill and intuition honed through years of hands-on experience.

Evidence you can rely on

Our results are fast, accurate, cost-effective and fully compliant with law enforcement and data privacy legislation, enabling you to act swiftly and confidently when it counts most.

All-inclusive, competitive pricing

We’ve simplified pricing and made our services inclusive to the model. Regardless of whether you prefer to pay as you go or leverage our subscription packages to benefit from economies of scale, the only factors that matter are the duration and volume of your investigation(s).

React. Prepare. Prevent

Case Studies

Strategic use of AI and device imaging yields results within 30-day fraud investigation deadline

Strategic use of AI and device imaging yields results within 30-day fraud investigation deadline

OCR & Analysis Of Scanned or Handwritten Documents

Proof of concept: OCR & analysis of scanned/handwritten documents

Benefits Of Using eDiscovery Tools

Case data migrated from legacy product to cutting-edge eDiscovery platform

Data Processed

12.5TB of data processed and reviewed within 7 days for regulatory collusion case

Cost-effective legacy mailbox archiving for Microsoft 365

Cost-effective legacy mailbox archiving for Microsoft 365

Democratising ediscovery

Analytics and custom scoring matrix used to focus large review for fast, defensible results