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Salient and Baker Tilly collaboration to delivery cutting-edge eDiscovery

Salient and Baker Tilly form a collaborative team to offer next-level, scalable and agile, AI-powered forensic eDiscovery and investigation services to Baker Tilly clients.

“The Salient team really have become an extension of our team. They’re highly reliable and deliver us great service, going above and beyond to provide us with insights and help us achieve results for our clients.”

Baker Tilly case study

The Challenge

Salient and Baker Tilly’s relationship extends back to December 2021. Over this time, we have managed more than 11TB of data in 70+ matters, ranging from large-scale global fraud of indeterminate duration to shorter insurance and financial investigations.

In July 2021, Baker Tilly approached Salient to formalise the collaborative relationship. Their objective was to deliver a Reveal-powered solution that leveraged the skills of both teams to help clients more effectively navigate, retrieve, analyse and share electronically stored data for complex and high-volume investigations, litigation, claims management and damage analysis.


  • Provide a scalable, cost-effective document review solution to Baker Tilly clients
  • Combine Salient’s advanced AI- powered eDiscovery expertise with Baker Tilly’s forensic skills to deliver a next-level eDiscovery service


  • Full service, specialised team to guide clients through the discovery process
  • Ability to process high volumes of data – up to terabytes – in a short timeframe
  • AI-powered eDiscovery and document review to pinpoint key information
  • Continuous auditing/monitoring capabilities to help detect fraud
  • Rapid incident response capabilities

The Salient Solution

Our innovative subscription model would provide Baker Tilly with access to all the AI-driven power of the Reveal platform, as well as our team’s extensive technical expertise and eDiscovery capabilities.
It would also reduce the often prohibitive costs of eDiscovery in smaller cases, making it more affordable for Baker Tilly clients to leverage their services across a wider variety of matters.

Next-level eDiscovery and investigative services

Baker Tilly clients now benefit from the combined forces of Baker Tilly’s forensic expertise and Salient’s AI-powered, Reveal-based eDiscovery services. The result is more scalable investigative capabilities, primed for today’s variable – and often extreme – data volumes, global jurisdictions, and rapid response requirements.

Expert knowledge transfer

Salient also provides direct training and upskilling to Baker Tilly’s Review and Litigation teams, keeping them at the forefront of technical developments to enable optimal use of the tools and technology at their fingertips.