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Collection to production. Sorted

A comprehensive set of eDiscovery services from a single provider. Powered by leading AI powered technologies, Salient provides fast, effective and affordable solutions to Discovery challenges.

Simplified, all-inclusive pricing structures ensure predictability. Both a re-usable platform capacity model for customers with regular requirements wanting an economy of scale, as well as project-based pricing for more occasional use.


Defensible collection, imaging and preservation of evidential material


Digitise, de-dupe, de-NIST, unlock and ingest >900 native file types


Innovative Cognitive Analytics uncovers leading indicators in addition to conventional early case assessment


Cutting edge supervised and unsupervised machine learning & visualisations drive efficiency and efficacy of the Discovery process


Slick, effective and all inclusive review, including language translations, audio and video transcriptions and image enrichment


Comprehensive production capabilities with secure access and sharing for third parties


Over 30TB in eDiscovery platforms with single matters in excess of 6TB


Defensible remote collection technology and methodology supports remote collection of evidence globally


Applying AI technologies to OCR handwritten documents more successfully than conventional tooling


Ingestion of 30TB of legacy email, preserved for compliance and Discovery obligations for public bank
We leverage Parent Group’s Microsoft Preferred Partner status & gold competencies to support Cloud, Security and Discovery journeys


Data Privacy, Security and GDPR assessments related to Discovery and supervision requirements, legislation and regulations


Forensic analysis of probity process through overlay of structured data with traditional review of unstructured evidence

Functional Data

Effective operational reporting framework has reduced delays and improved decision making, to positively impact client’s balance sheet risk provision

& Certified

ACEDS, EnCASE, Reveal, EDT, ICFP, QLIK and Microsoft Certified staff with a combined 100 years of practical experience

Tried and tested experience

Salient is staffed by people with years of eDiscovery, Forensic and Analytics understanding.

Coupled with our practical experience of handling and managing data from a Discovery perspective and right-shored team location, we deliver highly effective reactive and proactive solutions.

But more so, we also introduce a proactive approach which mitigates against future Discovery risks, through preparedness.

Embracing AI Technologies

Salient believes that AI represents the future of eDiscovery and investigation. We are committed to harnessing the latest AI and Machine Learning technologies, not just to improve review but across the entire Discovery process. At the heart of our solution beats the technology from Reveal, incorporating their market leading NexLP and Brainspace AI engines.

As data volumes continue to explode, traditional approaches can no longer compete. Our mission is to introduce a frictionless AI experience to dramatically accelerate time to insights. 

Read about some of the ways these tools can be wielded to meet a range of requirements below.

Strip out the irrelevant. Intelligently

After de-NISTing and the removal of system files, you’re commonly left with plenty of irrelevant material. Now let Machine Learning models identify and remove the noise.

Leverage out-of-the-box models to locate and flag content such as out of office or family and social event messages, or build your own library of reusable bespoke models. Or very specific one-off models, quickly and simply.

Industry Focus

The assets, liabilities, ownership and responsibility for data rests squarely with its corporate owners. Accordingly, Salient delivers Discovery services both to in-house legal and compliance teams but also to the advisory organisations who are often engaged to provide professional services.

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