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Faster, Sharper & Always Salient: eDiscovery & Analytics Solutions

Salient harnesses a wealth of electronic data management and analysis experience to deliver a comprehensive range of rapid, insightful and cost-effective eDiscovery, Cognitive Analytics, Forensic Analytics and Proactive eDiscovery Services to benefit investigators, law firms and corporate clients - from a single provider


An Approach Driven by You

Salient is a specialist service provider, delivering complete solutions to your eDiscovery, Data Analytics and Proactive eDiscovery requirements, not just pure technology. We believe that without experience, the success of technology can be limited.

Our professional teams include expert advisors and technicians with decades of multi-disciplinary experience, contributing to robust, flexible and streamlined solutions.

Legal technology continues to advance and evolve rapidly so by adopting a best of breed approach to the components in our delivery platform, Salient can keep you abreast of the latest cost and time-saving developments.

We only select technologies which meet our own criteria for speed, accuracy and scalability and all our solutions are tailored to meet our clients’ exact requirements – no more, no less. 

As a result, our solutions are extraordinarily effective at delivering results and value for money, be that in response to litigation, investigations or ‘business as usual’ compliance drivers.

Our Focus Is Our Strength

What sets us apart is our seamless, service-driven approach to the eDiscovery process. Across the EDRM spectrum, Salient

offers a comprehensive range of services for legal and compliance professionals:

Proactive eDiscovery
Prevention is better than cure
eDiscovery response planning ensures the effective identification and preservation of electronic evidence and mitigation of legal risk whilst maintaining compliance with regulatory controls. Our experts will advise on retention policies and adopting best practice for electronic content management.
Proactive eDiscovery
eDiscovery Services
Investigation and litigation support
The Salient platform leverages fast, user-friendly review tools along with pragmatic use of AI-based tooling and Continuous Active Learning (CAL), where necessary, to accelerate your review of potentially responsive material , court-ready bundle productions and industry-standard exports to third party systems
eDiscovery Services
Salient Preserve
Affordable, defensible storage
Salient Preserve delivers a defensible and cost-effective long-term retention solution. Whether driven by compliance needs, long-term litigation support requirements or just legacy data retention, Salient Preserve is built around Microsoft 365 to deliver cost effective capability which leverages that existing investment
Salient Preserve
Cognitive Analytics
Fact Pattern Detection
Using the latest AI and Natural Language Processing tooling, the Salient Cognitive Analytics service can help you uncover the 'unknown unknowns' in any assessment of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) by exposing the leading indicators which establish the Fact Patterns of a case
Cognitive Analytics
Forensic Analytics
Thorough and defensible
Combining technology, process and experience, Salient provides powerful insights for both transient investigative matters and business as usual compliance scenarios. Through strict adherence to best practice for chain of custody, forensic collections and preservation, we ensure a forensically sound and defensible result
Forensic Analytics
Business Intelligence
Clarity and perspective
Business Intelligence delivered as a holistic service, not just a commodity. The Salient approach combines a full understanding of our clients’ BI challenges with advice on strategies, technologies and implementation methodologies
Business Intelligence

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