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complexity to clarity data challenge

From complexity to clarity: a large, unwieldy Court production becomes easy to navigate

The challenge:  Find a way to help a team of lawyers and investigators to navigate quickly and easily through a large production of evidence in order to prepare their case more efficiently.

Presented with a large, unwieldy Court production consisting of one large pdf file of evidence from opposing counsel, our client faced a lengthy process to review, cross reference and navigate its contents.  Drawing on our experience, our expert datasmiths built a program to split the file into easily searchable, single page PDFs, all navigable using sequentially Bates number-referenced files. This meant that rather than using the basic document search function to identify and then scroll to find information, our client was able to navigate quickly and easily to a specific page and between pages, reducing significant document load time and facilitating review of all associated information.

We’re eDiscovery experts.  We understand the nuances and challenges of searching large volumes of data.  In the case of productions for Court, they can consist of one large PDF file which comprises an amalgamation of various documents (emails, spreadsheets, images, word documents) formatted landscape or portrait format.  Each page is digitally numbered sequentially with a Bates number.  In rare instances, the Bates reference numbers from previous productions are also included, interrupting the sequential numbering of the production in question.   The page numbers do not always appear in the same places on the page, and this particular production also included copies of handwritten documents.   Without our help, our client faced the prospect of spending a lot of time and considerable effort to review the full production effectively. 

Using our extensive experience analysing and investigating large, complicated volumes of data, we used advanced AI tools and Optical Character Recognition to convert the handwritten documents into quality, digitally searchable files.  Our experts then wrote and ran a script across the whole production to detect Bates numbers, regardless of their location on the page, and extract each page (carefully referenced with its unique number) into single page PDFs.  These documents were then linked to a comprehensive document schedule for ease of navigation.   In order to be confident that all documents in the production were included in the schedule, we ran rigorous checks and carefully identified any anomalies so that our client could have confidence that they were reviewing the full production.

We saved our client hours of valuable review time and presented the information in a format that allowed them to have confidence that they had thoroughly reviewed the whole production effectively.  They were very pleased with the result and have approached us to assist with similar large productions repeatedly. We’re passionate about supporting our clients with their complex data challenges.  We love to combine our experience working with large volumes of data on a daily basis with our expertise in analysing and processing, using cutting-edge AI tools and scripts built on our decades of knowledge in forensic analytics and document search.   If you’ve got a large volume of data that’s presenting you with a headache, let us help!