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Generative AI

Expectation vs reality: what generative AI really offers eDiscovery

One of the biggest questions legal and investigative firms are currently pondering is whether or not Generative AI really is the next frontier in eDiscovery. It’s certainly making enough waves

Practical AI For eDiscovery: Today, Tomorrow And In Future

Practical AI for eDiscovery: today, tomorrow and in future

When it comes to AI, there’s a lot of conjecture about the future. Elon Musk, for example, believes a human-work-free future is imminent. Realistically, we’re still a long way away

Cost-Effective eDiscovery

Intelligent culling – a critical component of cost-effective eDiscovery

It’s estimated that 70 – 80% of litigation cost is spent on document review, with another significant portion going to eDiscovery hosting, sometimes for extended periods (costed on a per

Using AI to improve inclusion

In our the first article in the series, we discussed the intricacies of the intelligent cull – a vital tool in combatting the ever-increasing data volumes involved in eDiscovery. Today,

Finetuning Generative AI for eDiscovery

In our previous article we delved into the value of GenAI for eDiscovery, and the areas in which we’re currently seeing it show the most promise. We also touched on

Growing Data Collection Challenge In Southern Africa.

Expect the unexpected. A growing data collection challenge in sub-Saharan Africa is no match for our experts.

The challenge:  To retrieve and maintain the data integrity of digital evidence on site in a sub-Saharan capital , on behalf of our legal client.  Speed of response (less than

Cost effective, consistent and expeditious – Salient’s subscription model delivers value

Cost effective, consistent and expeditious – Salient’s subscription model delivers value

When a law firm was instructed to conduct an investigation on behalf of a large, South African infrastructure client, they requested Salient assist in the processing of the data.  Coincidentally,

Democratising eDiscovery – making the best tools available to firms of all sizes

Back in the “bad old days”, the best technology was really only accessible to larger law firms and corporates with very deep pockets. Now, thanks to the development of cloud

How to ride technology’s bleeding edge without getting cut

The rate at which new technology is hitting the market feels like its constantly accelerating – particularly within the eDiscovery space. Thanks to exponentially increasing data volumes, seemingly endless proliferation

Applying data forensics knowledge and skills to solve an unusual request  

The challenge: As part of a complex investigation on behalf of a law firm, one of our forensic investigator clients requested our assistance comparing three company websites. The mandate required