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The challenges and pitfalls of eDiscovery in Microsoft 365

Introduction to eDiscovery in Microsoft 365 In early 2022 Microsoft re-branded and released Microsoft Purview – their unified data governance solution – to help manage and govern an organisation’s on-premise,

collection in microsoft ediscovery

The risks of over and under collection in Microsoft eDiscovery

What are the challenges of over- and under-collection in Microsoft eDiscovery? Microsoft Purview has evolved to become a powerful tool brimming with valuable eDiscovery capabilities. As its functionality has matured


Beware of blind spots: the challenges of encrypted content in eDiscovery

Encryption has become a key component of information protection within Microsoft 365 (and other platforms). While this is great from a security and data loss prevention perspective, there are additional

Navigating the eDiscovery minefield of email archiving

For most eDiscovery cases, email inboxes are a treasure trove of information. Everything from the content of the email messages themselves, to their attachments, links, and metadata, can hold invaluable

How deep is your index? (And why it matters in eDiscovery) 

Indexing in eDiscovery is the process of producing a searchable catalogue of all the files, email messages and other content in a set of electronic data. Its purpose is to

Data residency, sovereignty, retention, and legal hold in Microsoft eDiscovery

Where data is stored, if it can be searched, how long it must (or can) be kept are important aspects of data governance that must be taken into consideration during

Separating The Signal From The Noise

Separating the signal from the noise

Improving data richness and relevance at the early stages of an investigation The challenge: Our law firm client had been instructed by a client in the early stages of an

Generative AI ediscovery

Finetuning Generative AI for eDiscovery

In our previous article we delved into the value of GenAI for eDiscovery, and the areas in which we’re currently seeing it show the most promise. We also touched on

Generative AI

Expectation vs reality: what generative AI really offers eDiscovery

One of the biggest questions legal and investigative firms are currently pondering is whether or not Generative AI really is the next frontier in eDiscovery. It’s certainly making enough waves

Practical AI For eDiscovery: Today, Tomorrow And In Future

Practical AI for eDiscovery: today, tomorrow and in future

When it comes to AI, there’s a lot of conjecture about the future. Elon Musk, for example, believes a human-work-free future is imminent. Realistically, we’re still a long way away