Salient Preserve

Pragmatic Long Term and Legacy Content Retention

The Salient Preserve Cloud content lake provides a cost-effective solution for enterprises to manage any legacy content or extended retention requirements, to satisfy a host of business purposes.

These may be operational needs such as compliance monitoring and tracking, or for legal needs such as preservation and eDiscovery purposes in support of either internal investigations or in response to litigation. Or indeed, as part of a broader Discovery Risk Mitigation strategy of litigation preparedness.

All this in an easily managed, simple Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) experience that:

  • Consolidates and protects legacy content and archives. Salient Preserve allows you to store and recover content when required. Content is protected from external or internal threats, accidental or malicious deletion, or platform failure
  • Enables Cloud tiering of largely inactive content that would otherwise be using more expensive primary storage, infrastructure and database resources
  • Simplifies search and extraction when required, in support of business or regulatory demands

Salient Preserve For Legacy Archive

For clients migrating to Microsoft 365, making the decision about what to do with legacy emails – especially those belonging to ‘leavers’, in an archive or in compliance journals – can be challenging. The cost of migrating such content into live Microsoft 365 mailboxes and primary storage, is high.

Salient Preserve provides a more cost-effective alternative which builds on Microsoft Azure to deliver:

  • A search portal for the compliance operator to locate the content in response to any compliance, regulatory or litigation event
  • Storage optimisation in Azure BLOB (Binary Large OBject) storage – a truly cost-effective media for retaining archive and long-retention content but still within a client’s own tenant

With support for ingestion from all enterprise email archives, item level PST ingestion and SMTP journal upload, Salient Preserve protects the future of your legacy content.

Salient Preserve lets you take advantage of Azure BLOB and the content is held immutably in native format, so critically, you are not tied into a proprietary archive vendor and are free to exit and switch to another platform at any point in time, without expensive exit fees or loss of vital data structure or metadata.

Salient Preserve For Legal & Compliance

Many industries have long-term content retention requirements which are mandated by regulations, where the content itself is transient and may have little, if any, inherent value but must be retained for compliance or supervision purposes. 

Or perhaps retaining content and outcomes relating to legal matters in off-line, yet secure and defensible archive is relevant, should the case be appealed or subject to future review.

In both these examples (and indeed many others), it is rarely cost-effective or practical to keep content in line of business applications, without impacting the operational efficiency of the business application unless its architecture is suitably scaled.

Salient Preserve provides a viable alternative, delivering a secure and cost-effective long-term storage capability which:

  • Enables content to be readily retrieved based on metadata, in support of compliance and supervision enquiries and tasks
  • Enables full indexing of selected content for deeper investigations, as required
  • Provides archive capability for historic cases which can also facilitate cross matter analysis, perhaps where common actors are suspected

Salient Preserve Key Features

Full Ownership
Full ownership, with content stored in a subscription within the client’s tenant and in its native format
Full Ownership
BLOB Store in Azure
Content is in a BLOB store in Azure, ensuring the most cost-effective solution
BLOB Store in Azure
Store Metadata
Content is stored and can be retrieved via index of stored metadata
Store Metadata
Reduced Cost
Reduced cost of retaining the content as there is no full text index before it is actually required
Reduced Cost
Full text index
Subsets of the content can be processed in a full text index service for deeper and more complex textual search. But only as required and for limited time periods and durations to minimise costs
Full text index
The platform is extensible to SharePoint Online & Microsoft 365 Search & Advanced Search

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