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Forensic Data Analytics

Effective fraud prevention and detection measures for corporate compliance and investigatory requirements

The complex and ever-evolving regulatory environment, coupled with the proliferation of data across multiple systems, the Cloud and a variety of company-supplied and BYOD (bring your own) devices, challenge compliance and forensic professionals to have greater control of their rising risk levels with respect to data breaches, data privacy, insider threats, fraud, loss and wastage.

Salient’s on-premises and Cloud-based Forensic Data Analytics (FDA) services, backed by our multi-disciplinary team of compliance and forensic specialists, analysts and data scientists, are uniquely qualified to connect you to your most powerful investigative and compliance insights.

Holistic Solution

Salient provides you with holistic FDA solutions that facilitate:

  • Improved transparency in your business processes
    Faster and more accurate execution of your investigative response
  • Proactive detection and prevention of fraud, loss and wastage
  • Management of potential fraud, misappropriation and corruption risk patterns
  • Identification of hidden relationships and ‘fact patterns’ within and between data sets through the use of Cognitive Analytics and visualisations
  • Identification of potentially nefarious insider communications using Cognitive Analytics (pressure, intent, negativity, rationalisation)
  • Efficient identification of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within your on-premises or Cloud platforms for regulatory compliance

Defensible and Appropriate

At Salient we adhere rigidly to chain of custody, forensic collection, preservation and data management best practices and all applicable standards for the documentation and preservation of data in a forensically sound manner.

Our FDA approach and forensic analytics tools are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’. Depending on your environment, risks and specific requirements, we are able develop, design and deploy the appropriate approach, skills and technologies to address your compliance, investigative and legal requirements.

Clarity and Perspective

Furthermore, our interactive, visual, analytical models and dashboards are designed to discreetly overlay your transactional systems and data sources to provide proactive monitoring capabilities to your internal auditors or external forensic professionals.

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