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Salient eDiscovery Services

A quality, user-orientated eDiscovery experience without compromise

Salient Discovery supports you through any eDiscovery exercise, be it for litigation, compliance or an investigation, with solutions and services that allow you to achieve your eDiscovery objectives without needing to choose between quality and cost-efficiency again.

We recognise that there are certain key elements that are non-negotiable, so the no compromise outcomes we deliver to our clients ensure that:

  • The quality, coverage and admissibility of your information is comprehensive. No one wants to discover facts after the fact.
  • Processing is accurate and reliable to give you the confidence that you will find what you are looking for.
  • Early data assessment through the use of Cognitive Analytics is accurate and incisive, enabling you to establish the fact patterns of your case and focus on what really needs to be reviewed.
  • The user review experience is clear and unfettered to expose the relevant information fast.
  • Visibility of reviewer performance is uncomplicated and allows overall progress to be tracked by case managers.
  • Evidence can be simply and effectively produced in all the standard formats for information exchange.

Our legal and forensic specialists all have extensive histories at Big 4 firms, while our technology experts bring valuable insights from the enterprise email archive, cloud and data migration space. This diverse professional experience ensures that the Salient team, with our Proactive eDiscovery Service, is able to provide a detailed, cross-sectional understanding of data landscapes and the eDiscovery process, allowing us to deliver insightful recommendations on eDiscovery strategy, best-fit solutions including Cognitive Analytics, and appropriate time- and cost-saving measures with respect to information governance, preservation, collection and review

eDiscovery platform

Our fast-to-deploy, simple-to-use, and remarkably effective eDiscovery platform, powered by EDT,  can be delivered as:
  • Software-as-a Service (SaaS). Hosted in Microsoft’s Azure data centres, our eDiscovery platform is GDPR compliant with comprehensive controls in place to ensure sensitive data is managed securely. Our platform is also subject to Microsoft’s 99.99% uptime guarantee. As a cloud-based solution, our hosted eDiscovery platform is quick and easy to scale up or down as caseloads fluctuate
  • On-Premises. In the event that an on-premises deployment is a better fit for your eDiscovery requirements, Salient will assist in specifying and configuring your hardware and deploying our platform into your own data centre or private Cloud according to best practices. We’ll also train your systems administrators on EDT standard operating and maintenance procedures to keep your deployment at peak operating capacity. Ongoing support and on-premises deployment health-checks are also available
  • Portable Appliance. How often are you faced with jurisdictional and/or data sovereignty issues relating disputes or investigations? To address this issue, Salient Discovery has built a standalone, portable EDT appliance that can be dropped into the environment to allow collection, ingestion, analysis and review of the sensitive information in-situ, without any need for it to leave the site or geography
Do not compromise on quality. Let Salient be your competitive eDiscovery edge.

Salient eDiscovery Capabilities


Digital evidence can be loaded from multiple sources and in a wide range of formats, including Outlook data files (.pst or .ost), Lotus Notes, forensic images (.e01 & .ad1), drawing files, MS Office & related documents and Cellebrite .ufdr files


Removal of system and other irrelevant files to reduce the volume of content to be processed, reducing overall timescales and costs


Removal of duplicated content from estate, leaving pointers to exact duplicates. Near duplicate detection is also supported. Again, to reduce cost and timescales


Conversion of image-based content to machine readable format, using conventional and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions


In addition to basic indexing of ingested content, the Salient platform will cleanse and enrich the discovered data, including Concept Clustering, Metadata Rehydration and Geolocation Extraction

Responsive Data Identification

Salient uses a range of approaches dependent on client and case requirements, ranging from conventional keyword-based selection and Forensic Analytics techniques, to advanced Cognitive Analytics

Cognitive Analytics

Salient can provide automated review of content for privilege identification, using AI and NLP techniques


Full review of potentially responsive content using both convention and Continuous Active Learning (CAL) techniques

Production & Reporting

The Salient Platform supports production of bundles in both court-ready and industry standard formats. It also provides detailed operational reporting for monitoring case review progression

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