Discovery Risk Mitigation

Mitigate the compliance and litigation risks to your business by application of a robust Discovery preparedness methodology

What is Discovery Risk Mitigation?

We consider Discovery Risk Mitigation to be a journey to maturity that focuses on the aspects of Information Governance relating to Discovery, specifically targeting three areas; Litigation, Investigations and Fraud Risk. 


Traditionally, corporate attitudes to litigation and investigations have been very reactive in nature; responding to events as they occur, hopefully in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible but when under duress, that is not always possible.


The collection, preservation and processing of electronically stored information should, by definition, exist as a subset of a broader Information Governance strategy.  With regulatory requirements becoming ever more demanding, by having well established processes, clearly understood responsibilities and clarity in the tools or partners needed to meet litigation, investigatory and fraud detection challenges, an organisation becomes more prepared. The costs and stress of a reactive response are likely reduced, whilst at the same time improving the regulatory compliance posture of the business.


However, the ultimate maturity is to work to prevent or mitigate against fraud and litigation risks. Not only can this save you the operational costs of reacting to events, but more importantly can reduce potential damage to corporate reputation and associated fluctuations in share price.

Who Should be Interested?

Discovery Risk Management delivers both strategically and tactically across the organisation. The  operational benefits can be realised earlier on in the journey, whilst the more strategic initiatives are deployed and the benefits realised over time.

What is involved?

The Discovery Risk Mitigation journey starts with a facilitated Workshop, run by Salient staff, in which we guide delegates through a process to:

Understand the risk and governance landscape
Measure and assess the current state of reactive, preparedness and preventative strategies
Complete a gap analysis
Establish remedial actions
Identify short, medium, and long-term returns

Throughout the process we refer back to three core elements of information governance that have a direct impact on the maturity of Discovery Risk Mitigation.

Data Governance.

Enriching data to better understand and manage retention policies, data ROT (Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial), data leakage and so on, is a key aspect of effective management of the data estate.

Data Privacy.

The demands placed on organisations with respect to data privacy can appear to conflict with the need to monitor the environment for potentially fraudulent activity. Salient helps you to understand what is permissible and the pitfalls to avoid.

Data Mapping.

Having a clear understanding of where your data is within the estate, is a fundamental element of successful Discovery processes, whether reactive or proactive.

Follow on Services

Once you have understood where you are on the Discovery Risk Mitigation maturity continuum and what your ideal end-point is on your journey, Salient Discovery has a range of services that can contribute and deliver value at the appropriate stage, including:

Project based eDiscovery services

Fully-managed range of services from collection of data, through processing and hosting and on to production, delivered using our cutting edge AI-powered platform and on an as-required basis

Platform based eDiscovery capacity and services

The same fully-managed services but on a subscription basis, suitable for those who have a more regular or predictable level of Discovery demand or for those who intend to implement regular supervision activities and want to benefit from economies of scale

Forensic Analytics services

Delivered by highly experienced professionals who can provide outsourced, innovative solutions, or complement your own forensic analytics teams. In addition, we have a range of existing complementary utilities, or can develop bespoke applications

Immutable Preservation solution

Salient Preserve is a cost-effective solution to the challenge of regulated long-term retention of data for Discovery purposes, which does not tie you into third party archive vendors

Supervision solutions

Salient can assist you in establishing supervisory capabilities across your data estate, combining elements of our AI-based eDiscovery services with other business as usual technologies, such as the Microsoft 365 Insider Threat Management suite

What next?

To find our more, or to discuss your requirements with one of our team, contact us here.

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