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Cognitive Analytics

Establishing fact patterns from the 'unknown unknowns' in investigations and eDiscovery using accessible, effective Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Salient Cognitive Analytics delivers effective analysis of multiple data types, providing insightful perspectives on disclosed data to expose patterns, identify channels of communication, persons of interest, highlight anomalous behaviour and surface topics, concepts and sentiments.

These leading indicators can then be used to help establish the fact patterns in a matter, benefiting the investigator or lawyer by focusing their efforts most efficiently.

The Challenge

The ever-increasing volumes of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), proliferation of different data types and sheer complexity of modern investigations, can expose the shortcomings in the traditional approaches to identifying and exploring the leading indicators within a case.

The use of the conventional keyword approach to surface and build the jigsaw of perpetrators, motives and modus operandi across datasets can be extremely costly, time consuming and increasingly difficult. Keywords lack the sophistication to establish vital interconnections in evidence, resulting in many false positives and even worse, the failure to identify relevant evidence.

Applied Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing

Salient has researched the very latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies and has introduced Story Engine from NexLP to the Salient platform, enabling the rapid assessment of the data landscape by applying pre-built machine learning models.

With all the heavy lifting done automatically, the investigator or lawyer can follow the exposed evidence and focus on the pertinent aspects of the case to establish the true fact patterns, from the ‘unknown unknowns’, with far greater confidence that critical elements have not been overlooked.

Should a case-specific model be required, Story Engine™ allows you to rapidly build a custom machine learning model through simple user interaction, which can be retained and applied to any subsequent investigation.

Cognitive Analytics Capabilities

Name Resolution and Disambiguation

Story Engine™ creates profiles and dossiers to identify key communicators from aliases within the dataset

Thread Intelligence

Having normalised communicators, Story Engine™ then establishes the connections between parties (including where sometimes intentionally obfuscated) across multiple reply sub-threads as well as one-to-one

Dataless Classification

Story Engine™ harnesses NLP models to recognise and understand business concepts hidden deep within documents and emails

Sentiment Analysis Engine

Story Engine™ measures and applies emotional intelligence to communications and overlays that on visualisation to expose, for example, high pressure or high threat exchanges

Recommended Custodians

Story Engine™ surfaces and suggests additional communicators based on linguistic analysis built on NLP technology

Faceted Search and Timeline Analysis

Story Engine™ provides simple to use faceting of any dataset by harnessing multiple algorithms and layers to find hidden relationships between concepts, companies, locations, topics and people, which can then be broken down and analysed temporally

Behavioural Analytics

Story Engine™ finds the key stories & events in the dataset by identifying unusual or uncharacteristic and pressurised behavioural patterns, even across multi-lingual data


Story Engine™ provides a range of standard visualisations including Link Chart Analysis to visualise communication patterns and relationships between people and organisations

NLP-Based Reusable AI Models

Story Engine™ delivers both pre-trained and highly effective active and infinite learning models, utilising multiple classifiers and auto-calibration, to enable you to add to your AI model library, increasing efficiency for new matters and scaling the expertise within your organisation

High Value Strategy​

The Salient Cognitive Analytics solution applies AI and NLP to the world of investigations and makes the latest advances in technology both accessible and consumable. Furthermore, it is seamlessly integrated not only into our broader eDiscovery platform but also our methodology, to get you to the crux of the matter as efficiently as possible.

By embracing Cognitive Analytics as an integral component of your investigative process, the benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of missing critical evidence
  • Increased likelihood of a satisfactory resolution or outcome to the matter
  • Improved agility. Resources are released from traditional, arduous investigative processes

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