Targeted Business Intelligence

The key to effective communication

Salient Discovery believes Business Intelligence is first and foremost a communication tool and as such, we deliver solutions that provide the different communities in your business with a clear understanding of the key business drivers and Return on Investment (ROI) models for each team. 

Whilst there is a single overarching strategy and single true data source for monitoring and decision making, there may well be different perspectives required for various stakeholders, management and staff.

Clarity & Perspectives

Providing business unit-specific metrics and perspective enables Salient’s Business Intelligence solutions to achieve long-term engagement and buy-in, with the focus in each of the following categories targeted to the community in question

  1. Financial health – e.g. actual vs. target, expense management, team performance
  2. Operational efficiency – e.g. staff and resource utilisation, business resilience
  3. Governance & Compliance – e.g. regulatory reporting, vendor analysis, risk management

Despite each community potentially viewing the same data through different lenses, there is undoubtedly overlap between the focus areas which establishes a common thread between the various teams

This allows conversations to be easily cross referenced, for example exposing how efficiency metrics might align with an aspect of compliance, or to a financial measure, depending on the level of engagement of the participants.

Salient’s well-designed Business Intelligence solutions constitute a valuable communication asset, providing:

  • Reliable and non-partisan views of performance metrics
  • Transparency into the entire value chain
  • Acknowledgment of responsibilities and roles

High Value Strategy

The landscape for Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms has matured to the point where most vendors are able to supply Business Intelligence tools that meet 80% of use cases. The remaining 20% typically require heavily marketed, but rarely used, unique functionality or domain-specific optimised workflows to provide the compelling value proposition

You could speculatively purchase expensive tooling up front to address this potential deficit, or alternatively are faced with the following choices should the need arise:

  • Purchase another product with strengths in that area
  • Custom development of your existing platform
  • Integration to your existing platform

Each, or a combination of all three, is a valid approach and one which will likely be decided upon based on cost and urgency. Recognising this, Salient has adopted a multi-vendor approach and whilst we support Microsoft Power BI and Qlik as our platforms of choice, our highly experienced Business Intelligence team understand the market and can advise on platform capability and lifecycle costing to:

  • Provide custom development services
  • Deliver bespoke, integrated solutions combining platform components
  • Provide platform migration services
Business Intelligence is about more than the tools. To realise your targeted Business Intelligence objectives, contact our specialists and let them guide you through the strategic and tactical decision making processes to deliver an effective solution.

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