DATE: 24 March 2020

Salient Discovery’s Response to COVID-19

For clients using the EDT eDiscovery platform, please note that this cloud-based service has been specifically designed to not only enable remote use of the service by clients and their teams, regardless of their geographic location, but also to ensure that technical support, training and/or project assistance, can be provided remotely. As such, we do not, at this stage, foresee any impact of the COVID-19 virus on delivery of this service.

However, Salient remains committed to the proactive prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 virus within our organisation. With a view to ensuring that all stakeholders are protected including staff and their families, suppliers and clients, and to ensure that we continue to deliver the highest quality service to all our clients, we have implemented the following precautionary measures:

  • Salient has ensured that customer engagements can be completed by backup personnel in the event of project team members becoming infected.
  • All staff have been instructed to work remotely from home with only a small, rotating skeleton staff being required to be present at the office to ensure the continued functioning of our IT infrastructure.
  • Only one employee per service line will be present at the office at any one time to prevent contamination within a service line and to ensure staff availability for client engagements.
  • All international and non-critical domestic air travel has been cancelled with immediate effect.
  • All meetings with clients will be conducted via Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business. Where employees are obliged to attend a client’s offices, they will adhere to the client’s COVID-19 response protocols.
  • Particularly vulnerable employees (e.g. those with respiratory conditions) or those who live with vulnerable individuals will work full-time from home until further notice.
  • Hand sanitisers have been made available and staff have been trained on effective hygiene practices.
  • Any employees who display any symptoms associated with the virus will remain at home and self-quarantine.
  • Visits by third parties to our offices will, as much as possible, be prevented including deliveries, cleaning services, etc.
  • Staff are obliged to maintain regular contact with supervisors to ensure that projects are running as expected. In addition, weekly staff meetings will take place via Microsoft Teams to maintain company operations and team morale.
  • Supervisors will monitor employees’ performance to ensure service delivery.
  • All security controls including physical and logical access controls will be continuously monitored to ensure that there are no compromises during this period.

Rest assured that the security and confidentiality of customers’ data remains a top priority for all Salient staff and will be vigorously protected notwithstanding remote work. In this regard, security controls include multi-factor authentication for access to EDT and client data as well as regular monitoring of audit logs.

Please note that these measures have been taken to prevent this crisis from impacting our organisation and commitment to our clients. However, we cannot guarantee services will not be impacted by this global crisis. We will continue to update you as the situation progresses. Should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard.

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