eDiscovery and Data Analytics to Support Law Firm Litigation Needs

From Forensic Collections, Cognitive Analytics, Early Case Assessment (ECA) and Forensic Analytics, through to Review and Production. Salient has the knowledge, skills and scalability to support your litigation needs.

Our eDiscovery solution can be delivered on-premises for you to run and manage, or alternatively as Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS), options that we manage on your behalf.

We even have a portable eDiscovery appliance that can be dropped into environments or jurisdictions where data security or sovereignty issues prevail.

Why Choose Salient?

Our eDiscovery Solutions are Faster

Become the obvious choice when bidding for new litigation matters. The speed of getting Electronically Stored Information (ESI) loaded and available for review can be a critical factor in winning business. Moreover, when the matter lands, being constrained by capacity in your eDiscovery systems or by resources in the litigation support team can be costly, in terms of damaging client relationships or incurring charges to overcome the problem. Our high-quality eDiscovery solutions will make the difference.

Our Data Analytics Teams are Sharper

Salient Discovery provides a cost-effective, end-to-end alternative solution to traditional eDiscovery providers.

This includes rapid ingestion of ESI including Artificial Intelligence (AI) componentry to intelligently cull and enrich the ingested information, enabling reviewers to focus more quickly on relevant content. Ingestion can be entirely self-serviced or managed by Salient if required, or if ESI volumes explode unexpectedly, as a combination of both. 

We also provide both Cognitive Analytics and Forensic Analytics solutions to dramatically improve the agility and efficacy of your team. 

Cognitive Analytics harnesses the latest AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to improve your ability to navigate the ‘unknown unknowns’ in discovered data and to establish the fact patterns of the matter. Improving the chances that no critical evidence is overlooked.

Forensic Analytics can provide further clarity and perspective by overlaying structured data on the unstructured ESI to again provide more rapid focus and insights during the review.

Litigation often expands to include new custodians and evolve as the review progresses with further information coming to light. With the Salient platform, additional data can be added, analysed and promoted to review all within the same platform, with no need for data transfers between systems. Similarly, content which has been ruled irrelevant can be demoted back to the data lake but can still be recalled should the need arise

Always Salient

With pay-as-you-go models available, you no longer need to be tied into a lengthy commitment. However, if you have visibility of longer-term demand, further cost savings can be realised with annual or multi-year arrangements.

Salient Discovery offers far more than a platform. You can outsource ingestion and processing in its entirety to us, and we also provide highly experienced Forensic Analytics and ECA services to assist with content triage.

We can also support you through your review and production processes: as much or as little as you require.

Salient’s eDiscovery team is made up of only the top eDiscovery specialists, who work together with our highly skilled, qualified and cost-efficient technical teams.

Our legal and forensic teams all have comprehensive histories at Big 4 firms, while our technology experts bring invaluable acumens from the enterprise email archive and data migration space.

Salient is the absolute eDiscovery and Data Analytics solution for the legal industry.

Never choose between quality and cost-efficiency again. Remain meticulous in your approach to data investigation while being price competitive.

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