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An End-to-End Solution Supporting all Investigative Services Requirements

From Collections, Forensic and Cognitive Analytics, Early Data Assessment (EDA) through to Review and Production, Salient Discovery has the solution.

The Investigative Landscape & The Trends Impacting It

The need for capable, rapid investigation services is growing in response to the ever-increasing challenges companies face. From the unpredictable economic climate, perhaps providing more incentive for people to commit fraud, to the increasingly complex regulatory frameworks within which companies must operate.

Furthermore, considering the global nature of threats that the internet facilitates, investigatory firms must have the tools available to respond. 

Couple that with the sheer volumes of electronic evidence and the need for forensic and analytical techniques to counter increasingly sophisticated operators, both external and internal, the task can become complex and overwhelming.


Through many engagements with investigative firms and agencies, we see the following needs commonly arising:

  • To validate the known and complete the overall jigsaw of ‘fact patterns’ in discovered content
  • To expose leading indicators that point to nefarious or suspicious activity
  • To navigate the ‘unknown unknowns’ in the dataset in search of critical evidence that may otherwise be overlooked
  • To form connections and interrelationships across disparate data sets to surface patterns in structured, unstructured and semi-structured data

What’s more, to be able to do all of this at the scale that today’s increasing volumes of electronic information demand.

Information exchanges are taking place between people and being recorded all the time, so identifying motives and modus operandi requires sifting through all the temporal and spatial interactions held within documents, emails, messages, and phone data.

By doing so quickly, visually and hence efficiently, you are better equipped to establish the facts, prove intent, expose concealment and misrepresentation, and arrive at the truth in any suspected case of fraud.

Salient Investigative Services

Salient Discovery provides a holistic solution to your investigatory needs, incorporating a scalable, agile, cloud-based investigative platform together with a range of complementary investigative services.

We provide all the following investigative services:


Interpretation of the data landscape with or for the investigator to identify potential sources of electronic evidence


Preservation and collection of electronic evidence in a forensically sound manner, preserving the chain-of-custody


Processing and enrichment of electronic evidence and assistance with the early data assessment (EDA) to identify potentially relevant documents and other data points


Analysis of structured and unstructured data in our eDiscovery and Cognitive Analytics platforms to identify actors, behaviours, sentiment, trends, connections and interactions between potential role-players

Forensic Analysis

By overlaying structured and unstructured data sets, Forensic Analytics enriches both sets of electronic evidence to allow investigators to be more effective in establishing connections and fact patterns


The use of scalable and agile Cloud platforms to enable us to be responsive to client needs and accommodate both large and small investigations

We apply our knowledge and experience in forensics, analytics, and eDiscovery processes to assist you in delivering an effective, responsive, and defensible outcome for your investigation.

Salient can efficiently and effectively connect you to the hidden data insights and protect the integrity of the client’s data, to enable you to detect and investigate fraudulent activity proactively.

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