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Reducing the eDiscovery burden

Data volumes are increasing exponentially, almost minute-by-minute.  The challenge of quantifying, classifying and keeping track of this data explosion is huge, which makes data collection inefficient and expensive. Add to this the time constraints imposed by litigation proceedings and the costs rise again, not to mention the risk to your case if the data is not defensible.

Budgets are stretched and we understand that eDiscovery costs are a necessary but, from your business’ perspective, unproductive cost.  We help our clients to use this spend efficiently, reducing cost wherever we can, without compromising on quality.   How?

Data Preservation

Reduce spoliation and downstream risk for eDiscovery and compliance needs with the immutable storage of Salient Preserve

Cognitive Analytics

Reactive and proactive analysis of structured, semi-structured and unstructured ESI to expose patterns and potentially nefarious activity

Forensic Analytics

Analytical techniques, examining the fact patterns, to determine what electronic evidence requires further review or needs prioritising

Review & Production

Review of documents using workflows aligned to your review strategies and the production of evidence or exhibits in industry standard formats

Experts in eDiscovery

We have over 100 years’ collective experience in eDiscovery, forensics, data analytics and cloud tech.  We combine this experience with the leading-edge AI tech capabilities of Reveal to deliver world class eDiscovery services.  You can have confidence that we will search wider, delve deeper, and yet deliver concise, accurate, intelligently selected data for review.

Our team are experts in their fields, based in South Africa.  We offer top quality service delivery, right shored for maximum cost effectiveness.

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Internal Investigations and Analytics

Managing internal investigations across the data estate and providing compelling analysis to support decision making

Supervision tasks

Selectively and defensively monitoring potentially problematic situations or implementing sampling methodologies to proactively prevent fraudulent activity


Supporting eDiscovery and disclosure requirements in litigious situations and providing capability for internal or outside counsel review of case material

Data Privacy

Managing internal and external regulatory and other data protection demands, policies and obligations, to ensure compliance

Cost effective, cutting-edge platform

You may have a full discovery support team in-house and want to be self-sufficient in managing cases and loading data.  Or perhaps you need assistance with building AI models.  Our competitively-priced eDiscovery platform allows you a frictionless, end-to-end eDiscovery service on one platform – with us on hand to provide support and guidance. Our reusable volume subscription models offer fantastic value for money for clients dealing with large volumes and frequent eDiscovery requirements.

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Partners to drive down costs

We’re much more than an eDiscovery platform provider.  Grounded in real world experience and with an in-depth understanding of the benefits that improved data governance would have for eDiscovery, we partner with our clients to help them streamline and improve their eDiscovery processes.  

  • Actionable insights:

At the end of each engagement, we provide actionable insights to help you prioritise activities to make the process more efficient, effective (and cheaper) in future. 

  • Microsoft Purview eDiscovery training:

We offer training in using Microsoft’s eDiscovery tools available in Purview as part of a corporate licence, so that your legal, HR, risk and compliance teams can take ownership of and be confident in their data collection capabilities.

  • eDiscovery Maturity Assessment:

Benchmarked against best practice, we will work with you to provide a dashboard indicating where your organisation could make changes which would reduce future eDiscovery costs; improving compliance and reducing risk at the same time.

We can also advise on long term, proactive strategies to improve your forensic and eDiscovery response in an investigation and litigation event.

Understand the risk and governance landscape
Measure and assess the current state of reactive, preparedness and preventative strategies
Complete a gap analysis
Establish remedial actions
Identify short, medium, and long-term returns

Extensive experience

Our highly experienced team of eDiscovery experts has well established relationships with legal and investigatory firms dealing with highly sensitive cases, as well as working with general counsel, compliance and fraud risk management divisions in the private sector, supporting them with various litigation, regulatory compliance, governance and investigative activities.

Our use of Continuous Active Learning and AI technologies in a recent case rapidly promoted potential documents of interest, significantly reducing legal review time, and saving the client up to £25,000 in associated legal costs alone.   

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