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In-house eDiscovery & Cognitive Analytics

From Start to Finish

At Salient, we provide an all-inclusive, end-to-end solution for all general counsel and compliance team eDiscovery and Analytics requirements, covering the following:


Actionable strategies to identify and preserve corporate ESI. Reduce spoliation and downstream risk for eDiscovery and compliance needs with Salient Preserve


Analysis of structured, semi-structured and unstructured ESI to detect patterns of behaviour or potential nefarious activity. These analytics can be extended on a proactive basis and to report on regulatory compliance


Analytical techniques, incorporating the facts of the matter, to determine what electronic evidence requires further review or needs to be prioritised

Review &

The review of documents using custom workflows to suit the preferred review strategy and the production of evidence or exhibits in industry standard formats

In addition, Salient can assist corporate clients with understanding their legal and compliance risks and defining their eDiscovery response strategies with our facilitated Proactive eDiscovery service.

Challenges Facing Counsel in The Digital Age

The legal landscape for the general counsel is increasingly challenging. What with ever-more stringent regulatory frameworks driving the need for increased corporate governance, to more complex organisational structures and cross-border operations.
Coupled with the spectre of exponentially growing electronic data volumes, the need for solutions to support the following legal operations is more significant than ever:

  • Internal investigations and analytics
  • Supervision tasks
  • Litigation
  • Internal and external GDPR and data protection demands

Doing More with Less

Combine the challenges facing general counsel with tighter budgetary constraints and the need to achieve more with the same or even lower funding and it often results in a need to bring legal work that was previously outsourced to panel law firms, back in-house.
However, cutting the overall cost of legal services is more than pure labour charges.

It requires access to technology platforms to support the identification and analysis of patterns and trends in electronically stored information (ESI). These enable the rapid, early assessment of large volumes of content and where litigation is necessary, the review of responsive and potentially sensitive material.

What Salient Delivers

Salient provides a holistic and cost-effective solution to eDiscovery and analytics needs within the corporate legal function.

We combine a scalable, agile, cloud-based Cognitive Analytics and eDiscovery platform together with a broad range of complementary services to deliver the following:

  • Proactive eDiscovery: eDiscovery Strategy development
  • Regulatory and Forensic Analytics across your data landscape
  • Cognitive Analytics for early data or case assessment (ECA) of electronic evidence and subsequent processing
  • Enrichment of ESI for litigation, internal investigations and external requests (DSARs/FOI)

In addition to the technology platform, we apply our knowledge and experience of analytics and eDiscovery processes to identifying trends, connections and interactions within overlaid structured and unstructured datasets to deliver a more effective, responsive and defensible outcome.

Meticulous data investigation can become secondary to simply reducing data volumes in an attempt to curb expense and time. Our user-friendly, fast-to-deploy, and exceptionally powerful Forensic and Cognitive Analytics solutions mean you’ll never need to choose between quality and cost-efficiency again. With experience in Big 4 firms stretching back decades, Salient provides the total solution for you. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Proactive eDiscovery

In addition to our technology platform, we provide a total Proactive eDiscovery solution, assisting clients with the development of an eDiscovery strategy to ensure an effective response in the face of litigious events or regulatory requirements; identifying and preserving potentially relevant electronic data repositories while reducing your risk in the overall eDiscovery process.

We follow a structured methodology to enable you to understand and manage risk from a corporate legal perspective, monitor compliance, respond to regulatory demands, as well as to investigate potential fraud, support litigation and leverage the legal knowledge and experience in your business.

Risk Assessment
Assessment of current litigation and compliance vulnerability, to establish the likely risk landscape and impact of future legal and compliance triggered events
Risk Assessment
Data Assessment
Assessment to yield a detailed understanding of your data sources and ownership in preparation for quantifying the risk and location of potentially responsive data. Also the review of data governance policies & responsibilities and attitudes to ROT (Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial) data retention
Data Assessment
Response Processes
Establishment of appropriate and robust response processes to address identified risks, addressing any identified gaps and exposure in your response strategy
Response Processes
Response Resourcing
Establishment of stakeholders and key personnel, including definition of roles and responsibilities to deliver the agreed Response Processes
Response Resourcing
Strategy Fulfilment
Having systematically identified and assessed the risks, established appropriate responses and responsibilities, the final stage is to put in place the technologies and service providers to fulfil the Proactive eDiscovery strategy
Strategy Fulfilment
Periodic Review
Any Proactive eDiscovery strategy should be periodically reviewed to accommodate changes in legislation and regulation and the ever-shifting risk and economic landscapes
Periodic Review

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