Quality and cost-efficiency are not mutually exclusive.

The legal industry is under increasing pressure to be more price-competitive, particularly when it comes to traditionally resource-intensive processes like eDisclosure and Discovery. This has created an environment in which meticulous data investigation is often forced to take a back seat to data reduction in order to curb expenses.

With Salient’s tailored, scalable solutions, you’ll never need to choose between quality and cost-efficiency again. Our fast-to-deploy, simple-to-use, and remarkably effective eDisclosure solutions make it easier than ever to find the needle in the haystack that your clients need.

Don’t compromise on quality. Let Salient be your competitive edge.

The Salient Edge

Salient’s eDisclosure team includes top eDiscovery experts, who work alongside our highly-skilled, experienced and cost-effective technical teams.

Our legal and forensic specialists all have extensive histories at Big 4 firms, while our technology experts bring valuable insights from the enterprise email archive and data migration space. This unique combination of skills enables us to suggest and implement a wealth of proven techniques to find, preserve, collect, process, analyse, review and produce the most salient documents in record time.

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Salient’s eDisclosure experts aren’t just skilled at deploying effective hosted and on-premises eDiscovery solutions, they’re also invaluable advisors during the project planning phase.

All our eDisclosure deployments begin with an objective assessment of project complexity and include detailed recommendations on best-fit solutions and appropriate time- and cost-saving measures.

Areas on which we consult include:

  • Data preservation, on-premises and in the Cloud
  • Understanding your or your client’s data landscape
  • Planning your EDRM process
  • Selecting appropriate processes and functionality
  • Appropriate time- and cost-saving techniques
  • Methods of handling complexities like email archives

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