data analytics

Data Analytics

Cut through the noise. Make your data work for you.

Whether your goal is to improve business performance through actionable insights into key KPIs, or pinpoint and control internal weaknesses, insider threats, misconduct or fraud, the Salient Data Analytics team can help you unlock the secrets your data holds.

With decades of experience in Big 4 firms, and exposure across multiple business processes and systems, our multi-disciplinary specialists are uniquely qualified to map, investigate and analyse your data landscape. We’ll help you find and follow the breadcrumbs to uncover the truth behind the complexity.

The Salient Edge

Salient’s multi-disciplinary Data Analytics team includes compliance and governance specialists, business analysts, forensic analysts, data scientists and technologists.

This diverse skill set provides a variety of perspectives on every project, enhancing our ability to transform, analyse and present your data in more meaningful and insightful ways. As a result, we can efficiently and effectively connect you to your most powerful business insights, protect the integrity of your data, and enable you to proactively detect and prevent fraud, loss and wastage.

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To get the best results from any data analysis or forensic engagement, it’s vital to have an accurate understanding of your business, its data landscape, and the desired outcomes of the project.

To help clarify these details, the Salient team of business and data analysts begins every engagement by holding a workshop with the required stakeholders in your business.

The aim of this workshop is to:

  • Clarify the ultimate objective of the data analysis engagement
  • Identify who will be using the results of the data analysis and understand their needs
  • Understand your data and system landscape
  • Map the business processes and rules that generate the data sets for analysis
  • Define specific KPIs, measures and dimensions to ensure all parties agree on “one version of the truth”

The results of these workshops are then used to build a functional and technical specification that accurately defines the scope of the engagement. This enables us to refine timelines and project management activities and streamline processes moving forward.

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Our Data Analytics and Forensic Analysis workshops are also available as standalone services for businesses interested in refining their own BI or forensic analytics processes or exploring the potential benefits of an analysis engagement. Find out more.