Discovery Risk Mitigation – Prevention

Information Governnance

Striving For the Ultimate Goal In previous articles in the Discovery Risk Mitigation series, we’ve firstly outlined the overall journey, then explored how to assess your current maturity from an eDiscovery and Information Governance perspective, and most recently, the parallel paths to remediate the situation. In this next blog, we outline what should be the […]

Discovery Risk Mitigation – Remediation


Improving preparedness to eDiscovery events In the previous article, we explored considerations when assessing your current eDiscovery and information governance maturity.  Having undertaken that exercise and established a benchmark, clearly, the next step is to implement a series of corrective measures. But where should you start? What demands your most immediate attention, and what can […]

Discovery Risk Management

A worker using Salient Discovery's eDiscovery service

Mitigating the eDiscovery risks due to the explosion of electronic data in your business through a structured programme of preparedness. Being Prepared I’m sure most people are familiar with the expression “prevention is better than cure”. It sounds like generally sound advice to me and I’m sure most would probably agree. But in truth, to […]

Cognitive Analytics and Corporate Supervision


In our interactions with clients and prospects we have increasingly seen a need amongst corporate compliance as well as forensic and security professionals, for supervisory and monitoring capabilities in their environment. The primary objective being to proactively identify non-compliance with corporate policies, insider threats and potentially fraudulent or other nefarious activity. So why would an […]

Information Analytics: Embracing Information Anarchy


In today’s world of plentiful analytics capability, embracing information anarchy would sound a complete anathema to most people. But the problem is that planning strategic data warehousing and dashboarding solutions often involve many stakeholders and can take several months to design and complete. While that remains a commendable longer-term approach to information analytics, there is […]