EDA 2.0 – 4 top tips for the next generation

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll have noticed our recent focus on Early Data Assessment (EDA). Our last two articles covered some of the potential pitfalls to avoid, and the massive benefits offered by in-place EDA. Today, we’re turning our focus to the “early” part of Early Data Assessment. We’ll explore some of the […]

Benefits and common pitfalls of Early Data Assessment (EDA)

Early Data Assessment (EDA) has taken on an increasingly critical role as electronic data volumes continue to grow. Without effective EDA, the risk of over- or under-collection can be considerable, as can the escalation of eDiscovery overheads. Often confused with Early Case Assessment (which investigates the broader merits of the case at hand), EDA focusses […]

Discovery Risk Mitigation – Preservation

Data Preservation

Should It Stay or Should It Go? A terrible wordplay on The Clash’s 1981 classic perhaps, but to retain or dispose of data is a core theme in this, the last piece in our Discovery Risk Mitigation series of blogs. You’ll recall the previous discussion that Information Governance is increasingly both a critical aspect of […]

What is eDiscovery And Why Should You Care?


I have been contemplating what defines eDiscovery for some time now. On the face of it, the topic seems quite straightforward. However, as I scratched beneath the surface, I discovered it to be more nuanced, mainly depending on whom you are speaking to. An example best illustrates this: If I talk eDiscovery to a legal […]

Cut Your Outsourcing Costs by Arming Your In-house Legal Counsel with the Right Technology


With the ever-constant pressure on budgets, a trend has emerged throughout 2019 for companies’ in-house legal counsel to provide services which previously might have been outsourced, a pattern which looks set to continue into 2020. This does not mean that in-house legal counsels are expanding but rather that often, corporates are following the adage about doing more […]

How Power BI is cutting data modelling and visual analytics costs for businesses

One of the most enjoyable parts of our work is helping our clients get full functionality from their Microsoft Office 365 and Azure licenses. We’re constantly astounded by the number of organisations paying top dollar to third-party providers for tools and services that they already have built into their Microsoft subscriptions. Business Intelligence and Visual […]