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Case data migrated from legacy product to cutting-edge eDiscovery platform

Salient migrates a large volume of corporate case data from an end-of-life eDiscovery product to a modern eDiscovery platform. The objectiveto help our client preserve all of their case information – with full integrity – while simultaneously unlocking the benefits of more advanced and cost-effective technology. 

Client Sector: Corporate
Technology Used: eDiscovery
Benefits Of Using eDiscovery Tools

The Challenge

All roads lead to migration 

Having established a long-term subscription for eDiscovery and data storage services for our client, the supporting technology reached an unexpected end of life, with no logical upgrade path available, which necessitated a full migration to a new (and current) eDiscovery platform. 

The difficulty lay in ensuring all case information, including review commentary, would remain intact through the migration. Expert handling would be required to maintain data integrity and avoid spoliation of any kind. 


  • Product in use reached end of life 
  • No logical upgrade pathway available 
  • Preservation of data integrity and all review information essential 


  • All data integrity maintained 
  • New platform provides access to cutting-edge AI-powered technology 
  • More capacity for the same subscription levels 
  • Improved ability to ingest historical forensic reports, unlocking new case insights 
Our Solution

While this migration was not optional, it was an opportunity to move to a faster, better, and more cost-effective solution.

Our recommended solution, leveraging the Reveal Brainspace platform, would offer not only better technology, but also greater capacity to be used for additional matters. And with our economy of scale, for the same price the client was currently paying. 

The migration was completed successfully, with fully intact data integrity. The new platform provides access to cutting-edge AI-powered technology, boosting the client’s eDiscovery capabilities by a significant margin. 

A new pricing model also enables the client to pay only for volumes under review. This results in more accessible capacity within their existing subscription levels, ready to be used for further case requirements.  

The new platform has also supported the ingestion of historical forensic reports, unlocking the ability to review and cross-reference against past persons of interest.  

Freedom from legacy system

This project is a great example of why organisations should never feel held to ransom by their legacy systems or leave valuable data languishing in solutions that are no longer fit for purpose. 

Find the right partner

With the right partner, migration is not just possible, but often preferable from a cost and functionality standpoint, with no sacrifice of data integrity necessary.