Proud to be sponsoring the In-House Technology Summit

We’re pleased to announce that we’re going to be sponsoring Alternative Events’ In-House Technology Summit on 13-14 March in Marlow, UK.

It’s a forum dedicated to addressing the issues faced by in-house general counsel and legal operations heads to share technology adoption challenges, discuss best practice and solve legal department’s challenges around managing risk, improving efficiencies, and learning how technology can assist.

We’re excited to be joining in the debate and sharing our experience. David Fisk and Adam Bown will both be present and look forward to what promises to be a thought-provoking programme.

We’ll be participating in a roundtable session with Bernard Regan, Bernard Regan, Principal – Head of Forensic Technology at Baker Tilly, entitled “Putting lipstick on the eDiscovery pig – re-thinking the potential of eDiscovery in your business”

Focused on a range of case studies, we’ll be discussing how to turn the necessary evil of eDiscovery costs to your advantage. We’ll explore the innovative ways you could be proactively employing eDiscovery tools in your business, as well as share best practice of how these tools can be used to improve transparency and efficiency, and minimise risk. For more information, please find the agenda here.