Reducing your eDiscovery burden and costs with Microsoft Purview

FREE 30 minutes webinar | 21 Sept 22 | 12pm BST

We’re joining up with Cloud Essentials for a feature presentation about our specialist subject, eDiscovery, in their Expert Insights webinar series. We’ll focus on how Microsoft Purview eDiscovery capability and other technologies can be used to drive down the cost of eDiscovery in your organisation. 

Practical advice to make tangible time and cost savings  

You will leave this webinar with an understanding of how legalHR and compliance can undertake in-place early data assessment and in-place search using Microsoft Purview eDiscovery.  We will demonstrate how and where to get started, pitfalls to avoid and top tips for successful, thorough searches you can rely on. 

Drive down the cost of eDiscovery 

Maximise value from your Microsoft licence by using its built-in eDiscovery capability.  Based on the eDiscovery data lifecycle (the EDRM model), we’ll show you how your business can benefit from Microsoft Purview’s: 

  • Content search 
  • eDiscovery Standard 
  • eDiscovery Premium 

How it all fits into the bigger eDiscovery picture  

We have experience across a broad range of technologies and we will discuss how Microsoft’s Purview eDiscovery capability complements other technology in the eDiscovery space, and how you can optimise your people, processes and technology to drive down cost. 

Ask the expert – roundtable Q&A   

The webinar content will last 30 minutes, after which time there will be a roundtable Q&A – your opportunity for off the record questions to the experts and peer to peer discussion.   

Don’t miss out!  

Join us for this informative, interactive webinar. And please forward the link to invite your colleagues as well. 

Register Now. Follow this link,hb8sFx1NfkKOOHFtgBkEaw,4pcUl4PKXk-XMY-AqHCDHw,69bzNbW2lkaeHkX84nHvHA,iEShf-J0hkOw0-E-qE0YIA,H0z1C_cZBkCrr8uumwTPww?mode=read&tenantId=b3a0b859-1769-4820-b538-97704f04648f